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Kancelaria Adwokacka Michał Ciupa i Partnerzy

Seeking legal advice online? Want a quick legal advice over the phone? You need an experienced lawyer? We are the team of specialists working in various areas of the law.

Our expertise covers, among others, business law, medical law, family law. Our clients are both physical and legal persons.  We realize that some cases require immediate consult with an attorney, and therefore we provide legal advise over the phone or online, in order to ensure the best service to our clients. However, should you prefer a traditional meeting, you are welcome to visit our Law Firm in Katowice.

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Legal advice for consumers

Facing divorce proceedings? Appealing employment contract termination? Rejecting a will? We offer consumers legal support in various areas of the law, such as family law, consumer law, inheritance law, labour law.

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Legal advice for businesses

Running business operations without the support of a lawyer may by risky. Law considers businessmen to be professional and aware entities, hence they are subject to stricter regulations. We offer legal advice on current matters or agreements executed with business partners.

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Legal advice for doctors

The role of a doctor is very special one – often holding human life in his or her hands. This is the read on why this profession is exposed, among others, to medical error lawsuits. Our attorneys provide legal assistance as early as in the pre-court proceedings. Our medical law team also provides the assistance in establishment and operation of medical centres.

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Legal advice for people abroad

You live abroad and wish to consult a lawyer in Poland? Use legal advice online or over the phone. Our lawyers will also help you with clearing your legal matters in Poland. Find out how much we can do for you!

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Doświadczeni adwokaci z Katowic – kompleksowa pomoc prawna dla przedsiębiorstw

Kancelaria Adwokacka Michał Ciupa i Partnerzy jest otwarta we wszystkie dni robocze. Nasi prawnicy czekają na Ciebie w siedzibie kancelarii adwokackiej w Katowicach. Aby umówić się na pierwsze spotkanie, napisz lub zadzwoń do nas!

Porady prawne dla osób fizycznych

Kancelaria prawna w Katowicach świadczy pomoc również osobom fizycznym zmagającymi się z problemami takimi jak rozwód, podwyższenie lub obniżenie alimentów. Specjalizujemy się nie tylko z zakresu prawa rodzinnego ale również ze spraw dotyczących prowadzenia pojazdów pod wpływem alkoholu oraz wypadków i kolizji.

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