For people staying abroad

We offer our services also to persons staying abroad. Working with such persons is different, due to obvious contact difficulties. It does not mean, however, that person staying permanently abroad may not empower an attorney to handle official and court cases in Poland for him or her.

There is a number of situations where provisions of law do not require presence in person. In such situations an attorney may act on behalf of the Client based on power of attorney issued to him/her, supported by relevant agreement. It needs to be stressed that interviewing a person staying abroad doe not always mean visit in Poland. Such person may be interviewed under legal assistance by the court at the domicile of person living abroad, or by some other body, e.g. the Republic of Poland consulate.

Legal assistance to Clients staying abroad covers the following:

  • providing legal advice over the phone, via e-mail, IM service;
  • drafting of legal letters;
  • handling cases before courts and other law enforcement bodies (Police, prosecutor’s office, other offices).

Communication with the Law Firm:

Having in mind the convenience of our Clients, we offer you the possibility of contacting our legal team via traditional mail, a phone, e-mail or Instant Messenger.

During our first contact the scope, the date and the cost of legal service required are discussed. On payment of the agreed compensation into Law Firm’s bank account, the empowered attorney shall handle the case pursuant to the agreed course of action.